Euratlas Historical Polities

Historical Polities is a simple online tool to build graph of political entities linked through political relationships using the model developed by Euratlas. It is a simple model which offers three kind of political entities and nine types of relationships. A detailed description is available in the article A Formal Model for Historical Atlases and Historical Knowledge.

As a guest user, you can visualize the graphs that have been realized. If you want to make your own graph, you need to register by first requesting an invitation code to

See the tutorial for a simple introduction to Euratlas Historical Polities.

This project is a work in progress. Hence, it may change frequently mainly to include new features. If you encounter any technical issue, please write to


You can choose the graph you want to visualize by using the top-left menu. You can zoom in and out by using the mouse wheel or the buttons on the bottom of the page. You can also move through the graph by dragging the mouse from a blank region. Click on a polity or an arrow (= relation) to select it and to show its details in the right panel.


Each graph depicts specific political situations at a specific point in time. If you are an authentified user, you have to keep in mind that graphs in bold are owned by you and you can edit them. The other graphs can be edited only by their owner.